What happens when you have to take a break? And what you can do in your business to find those systems to make you more productive and to have something to kind of lean into when you can’t just be working hard all the time. I saw this quote this morning, that said…basically like the circle of time is, you can’t just work hard all the time to get to your goals. You have to have some balance. Exercise, eating right, taking care of your health, working hard, spending time with the people that matter. Its all part of that productivity system that you might have for your life and business. And I think when it gets out of balance for people, you really start to see them struggle and they don’t realize that….

Why having a strategy or having a system is so important….one of the main pieces I feel like is so important is working on your mindset, having a system for that. and maybe just some go-to goals for that. One of the things I like to do on these calls is to make sure you have some take-aways that you can implement right away. And I’d love to share with you some things I share with my own clients around mindset and systems and productivity and just creating strategy.

I think one of the things we do when we get busy is, we fail to lean into the system. And then, we fail to execute. And then the numbers and the results that we’re getting don’t match the work that we’re putting in.  Usually where I see the two biggest places where I see that people need support is working on their mindset. Especially like what kind of limiting beliefs come up for you over and over. And how to change that story.

And second is creating a strategy around selling or marketing or both. Because they are a little bit different. And actually, executing that. So, I’ll just go through today like some things to think about when you’re creating those two things and how you can strive for being more productive versus being busy. I think that’s a trap we get in as we take on a new business and when we’re trying to up level a business. Or when we’re trying to scale it. it definitely comes with some challenges. So, if you can lean into the systems that you have or create new ones.

One of the other things is, I think as entrepreneurs overall, we do resist structure.

Creating a sales strategy, what to do. How to track that. and how to have something to lean into. Because I think one of the things we tend to do as entrepreneurs is, we just kind of fly by the seat of our pants. Or we think we’re working really hard in our business. Like if you divide up your time, it will literally look like just hustle and grinding all the time. But maybe you’re not focused on the right things.

Part of my job, as somebody that leads a group like this, or just somebody that’s built businesses to kind of give you the right tools so that you can, when these things come up in your business like they always do, you have a system to lean back into. And so, this kind of stems from me getting sick and for myself that when I take a step back, A, I can see the holes in my business. Like where I’m not executing as well as I should. And so, it just teaches me that taking a step back more often is actually going to help your business. And that’s something I maybe didn’t believe until I was forced to take a break. And the 2nd thing is just making sure…when I do a quick once over of people’s business, sometimes they are focused on the wrong things. So, when you actually have a strategy or plan that you are executing, then you can kind of track some numbers and see where you maybe need to make up some time or where you need to spend some time. And so, it becomes really important as part of this process of growth. Especially if you’re just getting started or you’re trying to scale your business.

Balancing your time. I used to say I hated the word balance, because I don’t believe that you can actually have balance when you’re building a business and you have a family and maybe you’re traveling like I do. The actual balance is the perfectly unbalanced balance. And feeling really good about the tasks that you can do and letting yourself off the hook for the things that you can’t. Because if you can’t do that, you’ll really find that you’re always feeling negative about your business. Or feeling negative about what you’re trying to build. So definitely you want to move away from that and put some tools in place, or some tools in your toolbox, so that when that does happen, you have the mindset or the belief or ability to make a shift.

Harmony is the word Tammy heard last week. Yeah, I’d replace harmony with balance, for sure. I always say it’s the unbalanced balance. Because it is. Some days you’re going to be totally immersed working on your health. Some days you’re going to be totally immersed in your family. Some seasons of time you’re going to be totally taken over with stuff at work. And what you have to learn to do is just give yourself a lot of grace and when you are executing a plan, or when you have identified what your core value things are, not only for your life, but for your business, you can be like I am going to do these three things, no matter what. And the rest is kind of bonus. When I see people make that shift, then you don’t get that overwhelm and anxiety and all the things that come along with trying to run a business.

What I see is that people think sometimes that it should be easy. And I know I’ve talked about this a lot in the last week. its not about being easy, its about creating ease in your business. And building it and feeling good about the things you’re doing and the connections you’re making. And you’re always getting one step closer to the goal. Because strategically, that’s what you’re doing by taking care of just those three tasks or five or whatever it is that you can do that day. So, this becomes so important especially for people that maybe are building two things or maybe they have a full-time job and a side hustle, that balance of time or harmony like Tammy said, becomes so important.

I know I’m not alone. Comment below if you struggle with this on a day to day basis. I know I do. For this last month, I’m heavily weighted in taking care of myself. And its definitely different for me. I think I balance it pretty well just in general. But definitely I could see where I need to make sure that I’m doing that more regularly. And that actually will help my business.

I think sometimes we see those things as negative when we have to step away. But actually, it can help you be more creative. Help you come up with solutions that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of when your mind is busy racing or when you’re feeling anxiety or overwhelmed about your work. That’s definitely been a really good reminder for me, why I lean so much into time blocking and just trying to find a balance, is because controlling our time is everything. One of the things I know for sure is that most people want to make money, save money, have more freedom. Which you need money for. So, if you’re not focused on that piece in your business, how is that going to work if you need to take a break? Or who can help move the mission forward or make those connections when you’re not there? It’s something to really think about. And I think that we usually don’t do that until we are forced to. Because we just think we can keep hustling and grinding all the time. But that definitely isn’t the case.

One of the things I start out with when I’m working with my clients is working on mindset. Because I think its something that comes up over and over as we are building our businesses and as we’re trying to create growth strategies and as we’re trying to scale.

Let’s go to working on our mindset. There are three key things that I’ve found really help people. Tools to have so that they can continue to feel good about what they are doing. And one is to document all negative or limiting beliefs that come up on a piece of paper so that you can continually, you’ll start to see a pattern in that. it’s like, oh, I see that’s coming up again. If its perfectionism or procrastination or all the ways fear shows up. You can start to see that it usually is just one step that needs to get you to the next level. And not the hundred steps you think it is if you start to document that, you’ll have the tools to replace that story with a new one.

When we don’t recognize that, it definitely goes to work on us in a negative way. And again, the things that come up around that are anxiety, overwhelm, fear, things like that. perfectionism. Procrastination. So, if you start to feel like you have a lot of those going on in your life or in your business, I would really reevaluate and be like, okay, that Sheridan girl told me to bring a journal and write down every time I felt like I wasn’t enough or I wasn’t confident or I had fear, I procrastinated. Or I felt really overwhelmed and start to recognize, what is the root of the problem?

Then, the next one is be mindful that there is no such thing as failure but rather lessons that need to be learned. And I think for all entrepreneurs, the more failures we have, the more growth we have. So, really looking at, there is so much of what we do is trial and error. So, if you could just focus on knowing that it’s a process and not get so hung up in the immediate outcome sometimes.

One of the things I love to see is when I do have a failed launch or a system that goes haywire, the thing I know is I still count it as an accomplishment. Because I’m still getting closer to the goal. So, maybe that’s a little mindset hack for you. I know, we tried some different technology this past year and when I went to look at my accomplishments for the year, I was like oh yeah, that didn’t work. So, I know I’m one step closer to the goal.

This is especially true when you have a team. I think that leadership is such a huge piece and such a huge self-growth tool. And so, when you’re finding that you are losing people or you don’t have the right teammates, we can be so hard on ourselves. Like what could we have done differently. And I think it’s really good to do that. Debrief like that. But not live in that space.  Because not finding the right people is, again, getting you closer to the people that really are going to move your business forward.

The next thing is, remember that imperfect action is better than no action at all. Who can relate to this? Because I think we get so caught up in getting things perfectly. I see this a lot when I’m coaching people. We’ll be meeting every week. and they are kind of taking action behind the scenes, but you never really see it on the forefront. For a long time, it’s like they have to get the confidence to be able to do the things that I’m asking them to do.

Just remember that when you feel procrastination or you feel like you don’t have it quite perfect, so you can’t put it out there, that the best way to get over that little fear is just to put some action around it. because one of the real die-hard things that I know is that when you put action around anything, you’ll always get a result. So, you’ll always have forward momentum. Where I see people get stuck is that they are afraid its not good enough. Or they need the perfect website. Or they don’t have the perfect discovery call questions. So, they make all these accusations in their mind, so its really a fun, “fun” per se, its fun to watch people be able to get over that hump and put themselves out there. I always really admire when someone comes into this space and they just go for it. and they just act like their natural selves and they just ask people the right questions. And are finding their people. So, one of the things I see that definitely holds people back is just getting that confidence piece boosted. I know when I go through our Authentic Selling training, one of the questions I always ask is how confident are you in general? And how confident you are in business? And I feel like, as a coach, one of my challenges I always I want them to be as confident in their business as they are in life. because usually it does take some confidence to put yourself out there. And to decide you’re going to do something out of the box. So, usually most people, honestly, I’ll see they are a 9 or a 10 in real life. then, when it comes to their business, they are only like a 6 or 7. But what’s a cool thing is when you work with someone who can really kind of take a bird’s eye view and look at what you’re doing, they can give you real quick strategies to implement so that you can get over some of that, if that makes any sense.


Working on your mindset. Document all your limiting beliefs that come up. I think that’s one of the most important pieces of growth that we can do as leaders. As business owners. Maybe even as parents and moms, is just kind of see what comes up for you. Because we all have them. Again, those things look like fear, procrastination, perfectionism. Maybe we’re afraid to put ourselves out there. One of the things I notice about people that are having success in this online space and the people that aren’t, is the people that just get out there and do it messy, and everyone thinks oh it looks perfect, but its not. Its this messy imperfect, just being themselves. Everyone really appreciates it, I think. and they have a lot more connections. And just remember, that’s what we’re in. we’re all in the people business. No matter if we have a service or a product. Or maybe we have both. We all just want to have more connections. So, to really get more confident is it just takes practice.

Again, just any time you feel some of those limiting beliefs, whether its fear or procrastination or perfectionism or overwhelm. All the ways that shows up. If you put action around it, the one thing I know to be true for sure is you’ll always get a result. Whether that’s just a baseline result or the results might surprise you. And usually I’ll ask people, I just had this happen with one of my clients. She has this really cool brand and this dream that she’s been envisioning for years. And she has this platform to speak to people. And she’s just kind of been holding herself back because its not perfect enough, right? She doesn’t know exactly what her pricing should be or exactly how she’s going to make change for people. But she just has this vision. And so, one of the things to think about is taking your huge vision you have and working backwards from that.

Sometimes asking someone else to walk through that process with you. like, I know for me, before I hired a coach, I had this unwritten board of directors. So maybe it was my mom, or a really good friend or the trainer at the gym. I’d always run things by people before I got the confidence to put things out there. So, don’t be like me and wait 5 years because you’re too afraid. Just go ahead and make a plan to get some baseline data. To be like, oh when I do that, when I say that, I get some results. And so, I just want to encourage you again, its fear or procrastination or overwhelm, plus action, always equals some result. So, you’re closer to your goal. And even if that result is a failure or you’re not impressed with how that worked out, it is still an accomplishment because its better than just sitting on the sidelines waiting.

The second piece I want to talk about because its so near and dear to my heart, besides being more productive and feeling good about always moving the needle forward, and executing an actual strategy is really thinking about your sales process. Or your offering. So, I think this is where I see people really kind of struggle is the more clear you are, the more clear your audience is. So, just really making sure you kind of have this 90 second elevator pitch down. Because you’re going to have to say it to people all the time. And then, having this step by step process that you follow to get business or to make connections with people. And being really strategic about that. I would love to give you an example about that.

Basically, if your business isn’t to six figures and you’re not tracking the people you’re talking to, then you’re losing out on business. Because basically what I’ll teach people to do is keep, and I think working a list seems a little bit elementary, it is kind of back to the basics. But the reality is I still keep people that I know in my heart of hearts, like I really want to help them with my services. Or I feel really connected to them. I could really make a big difference in their life. and so, I keep them on a list. The technology changes, we call it the CRM or Client Management. But the reality is you’re working a list. But keeping track of those contacts. There are so many opportunities to speed up that process with emails and a funnel. I know you hear those words and they are kind of buzz words. But, really tracking those. I think there’s nothing wrong with, they got email 1, I reached out to them about this. I wanted to make sure I touch base with them again next month. Just really tracking that, you would be surprised how fast your business will grow. Because what happens is, when you’re like oh yeah, I won’t forget to talk to them, we have so many other things going on in our business that we do forget. And the reality is, I think in this world, in this space, no matter what you sell or what you market, whether it’s a service or a product. If you are a heart-felt entrepreneur, people can really feel it. Like when I reach out to people and say, well I’ve been thinking about you. I really feel like my consulting will help you move your business forward. Because I can help you with XYZ. I never come across as I just want to sell you something and shove it down your throat. It literally is like a heartfelt, I’m letting them know.

So, one of the tips that I always teach people, not in a cold messaging sort of a way, but in an authentic connection, authentic communication, authentic selling sort of way, is you want to keep yourself top of mind to those people. And the only way to do that is to set yourself apart from everyone else by taking that next step. By making that next engagement. By sending them the next email or card or whatever, as part of your process. But have a process. So that you can track it and be like oh, I can see that it used to take me 7-11 touches before I was able to get a conversion. And now, when I added this email and this freebie, or I added a card and a coffee meetup, however you run your business. I was able to speed up that process.

You have to have some kind of process like that. and that really is probably the number one thing I see, is people get big or they are just good at connection. So, they are not tracking. And its harder to get your business to 6 or 7 figures when you’re not focused on an actual sales target, an actual process, a plan that you’re executing. And you always should have, not a script, but I think you need to have like what are the common objections that people are going to give you. and then, how are you going to resolve those? And really practice that. whether its role playing or just having those consistent conversations on a day to day basis. So that you know what you are going to say. How can you provide a solution? How can you help them?

Then, the other thing to think about, too, when you’re creating a strategy like this is identifying how you can cross sell or upsell. And I know the word sell is not everyone’s favorite word. But the reality is, we all are in the business of making money. And having more freedom and having more time, that’s why we came to being entrepreneurs. So, if you don’t identify where you could do this, then you’re just going to be losing, you’re going to be basically leaving money on the table. So, I would really encourage you to think about how can you take this relationship with someone to the next level.

Its sort of like dating. I always use this analogy, and everyone thinks its funny. But you can’t just go and get married to someone without dating them first, right? Like, that’s the best analogy I can come up with. Well, some people do, have you seen those reality tv shows lately where people get married when they don’t even know each other. I think its so crazy. Its hard enough to get married to someone you know.

I think that when we just ask people to buy, that’s why it feels so yucky sometimes in the selling space. Because we just ask people to buy without creating that relationship. So, if you really think about that like dating, or nurturing the relationship. And most of us here, from what I can see, are more heartfelt creative entrepreneurs. We still have to have the ability to make a relationship with somebody and ask for a sale. Or share something with them. And one of the visualizations I’ll use with my clients that I think is really helpful is to think about, so you can remove some of the ickiness feeling of selling out of it, is to focus on what you give as a gift to them. And how you are really just trying to help them. And really wrapping that up with a pretty shiny paper and a bow. And visualizing yourself handing that over to them. It doesn’t seem so hard then, to make that next call or connection. Or to ask them to buy. And that is, honestly, the two things that I see in people’s businesses is they aren’t over their limiting beliefs. And they aren’t putting enough action around their goals. And they definitely don’t have a sales strategy that they are executing and tracking. And knowing how to speed up that process. Or we have to increase the know, like and trust factor. And if you don’t spend any time working on that, its going to really show in what kind of numbers you’re putting up in your business.

If you have any questions on how you work on your mindset and create strategy, put them in the comments!


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