In 2019 it is all about politics, saving the sea turtles, and recycling. How can any of these headlines be beneficial to you and your business? However irrelevant the first two could be to a lifestyle blog, recycling is what can easily help you keep that content up to date.


You have to be your number 1 fan in order to gain more! Sure you posted your new blog on your Facebook feed, but what about all the other forms of social media? From your twitter followers to your Snapchat family, the options for you to market the content you worked so hard on are seemingly endless, so utilize them!

Mention it

An old blog post gathering dust at the bottom of your (website?)? Mention it in your next piece! Have an old post about something relevant to your new one, enter the link and watch the old one get a new life! There is no sense in having it be relevant for one week and forgotten for good the next!


Recycle the piece, have a throwback Thursday, even just draw inspiration from it. If it is something you are proud of, don’t let it just gather dust! It may not be saving the sea turtles or involve the infamous metal straws, but this recycling will help keep your content stay relevant!

A few more ways to repurpose your content:

  • Turn blog posts into podcasts
  • Send your blog posts in your newsletters
  • Take sections from your videos and turn them into bite-sized content to share on social media
  • Turn blog posts into ebooks

How do you repurpose YOUR content? We would love to hear…please share in the comments below!