These days, there’s a strong focus on social media marketing and creating an online presence. I see many of my clients invest a ton of time in those things and in doing them right, but they seem to forget to make the same investment in selling. It’s as if they are avoiding the very thing that makes money.

If you’re intimidated by sales or think it’s something you can’t do, then you’ve come to the right place.

Being successful in sales comes down to connection. It’s about making a connection, establishing a relationship and sticking with it. That is not something a fancy website or a clever social media post can do, but you can!

Sales strategy starts by asking yourself, how can I serve people? It’s a small shift in mindset that starts you thinking about what you can do to meet a need that someone has. Ask yourself what you have to offer them that will help them. Think of what you sell as a gift – your gift to them. The shift happens when you start to focus on the relationship not the sale.

Let’s start by taking a look at your sales process. I see many of my coaching clients struggle with consistency in their sales process, but like relationships, making a sale takes time. It’s rare that someone buys from you on the first meeting, right? It usually takes multiple contacts before someone realizes the value of what you offer. I encourage you to dig into a sampling of your recent sales and determine how many touches it takes to convert a lead into a sale. Then, commit to tracking that process. Seeing it broken down can provide valuable insight into where leads are dropping off, and where you can create engagement or streamline your process. Double down on your follow-through, and you’ll see results. 

Another area where I see people struggle is, they spend too much time on activities that don’t bring in an income. They’re investing hours on marketing or developing their website, but they aren’t doing follow-ups – and that personal touch is what makes the difference. If you’ve broken down your sales process you’ve identified the activities that are making you money, make a commitment to those activities and you’ll see a return (increased sales) on your (time) investment. Consistency will pay off! 

Sometimes I see people fall into a trap thinking that their perfectly polished social media persona and online presence will bring in sales, but I’ve discovered that people crave a more intimate connection with you. If you go the extra step and show them that you care, that’s when you’ll see sales take off. Your interaction must be real and sincere, and to do that you need to just be yourself.

I can’t emphasize enough how important relationship is to sales. If you shift your mindset to think of each sale as a relationship – and focus on building those relationships at each stage in the process – you’ll find sales much easier. Big Sky Women offers a wide variety of business-building resources including a proven framework for boosting sales. Join today to take your sales to the next level.   

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