As an executive coach, and founder of Big Sky Women, I’ve worked with women who are at every level of business and leadership. Some are just starting out, with all those new startup challenges. Some are looking to streamline their processes while others are looking to level up. No matter what stage we are in we all experience setbacks. It’s life, and life sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes you have to flip the script to find success.

It’s how we react to those setbacks that makes all the difference.

A woman recently came to me and said, “I’m just not good at selling.” She’s a successful entrepreneur who has been in business for years, and I happened to know she’s very good at sales, with many happy, returning customers. Digging a little deeper, she told me she’d had several sales fall through recently, and the setback caused her to question her ability.  She even questioned whether she should continue with her business.

I share this example because it illustrates how powerful our thoughts are. This hardworking, creative businesswoman had developed a limiting belief that was holding her back. She was ready to give up! We spent some time talking about her successes and her unique, personal approach to sales, and she flipped the script on her limiting belief. She went from telling herself, “I’m just not good at selling,” to telling herself, “I’m a sales superstar!”

Are you letting limiting beliefs keep you from finding success?

I challenge you to write down those limiting beliefs. Pick up your journal and write each one out, on paper, and when your list is done, rewrite each belief with what you know is true about yourself. Compile all the evidence by writing out examples of your success and keep a running record of your wins. Write them down. I’m going to say that again. Write them down! And keep them in a file or on a spreadsheet, and the next time a limiting belief creeps in, go to your evidence locker for proof that overrides that limiting belief.

I realize that limiting beliefs come up all the time and that this is not easy work, but it is absolutely critical work if you want to reach your potential. Time and time again, I’ve seen productivity soar after women spend time working to overcome their limiting beliefs.

Big Sky Women offers dozens of resources to help business owners at every stage find success, and small group coaching is also available for members. Click here to join.

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