Are you having a hard time selling yourself and your business during these times? Having a hard time figuring out how to make those connections with your ideal clients? Are you providing value?  I am here to tell you to take a step back, relax, and focus on some shifts you can make to really thrive in this current environment.

I see a lot of women that are winning during this challenging season. I noticed that they have really shifted the messaging of their business. They are trying even more so now than ever to speak to the soul of their ideal clients. To do this, you must make sure your message is relevant to what your ideal clients are experiencing now. Think about what the needs of your current clients are. Maybe your audience has shifted, and their pain points are different. How can you adapt your messaging to support them? 

As online business owners or business owners in general, we are uniquely positioned right now when it comes to a thriving business model. We can lead the way for people. One of the things that some business owners are feeling right now is that maybe there are not buyers for their products or that it is opportunistic to be out there selling your products. But that is just not true. You do not need to discount your prices. You just need to provide value. It is so important right now to serve your people, your industry, the world, and how you do that is to lean hard into your mindset. The mindset that it is not bad to sell to people right now. If you could offer people ease in their life, ease in their business, if you could help them with something, then that is a good thing. Do not stop. This is not opportunistic. This is just you focused on your income.

And then you really want to think about your content. Content is such an important piece, especially of an online business. You cannot just throw stuff out there and expect that you are going to find your ideal client. You want to set yourself apart by focusing on and connecting with your audience, and what kind of experience you are going to take them through. Build your community as an extension of yourself, and then offer them your services.

You want to also give your community valuable tools that they can use right now.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a freebie of some sort?
  • Do you have some sort of course that you walk people through?
  • Do you have some tips and tricks?
  • How could you create a signature offer, one that is unique to you that can help people during these tough times?  One that speaks to the soul of your ideal client. An offer that no one else can replicate, and that your clients can get results from by implementing it right now. Your expertise, your unique special thing.
  • Are you providing value?

No matter what kind of business you have, if it is brick and mortar, if it is online, having a signature offer will really level you up.

Do not forget to stay true to yourself. You have the power right now to level up your business and to help so many people. Find that messaging, connect with your audience, create that irresistible offer. Embrace these challenging times and allow yourself to really thrive.

You can grab a few resources that can help you in your business here. 


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