Hello everyone. I’m excited to be on here today because I feel like as we’re gearing up and going into the 2nd part of January, I think people get a little bit like afraid of, am I going to get to my goals? Do I need some help with getting to the next level? And one of the things we have been talking about in Big Sky Women is money mindset. And I was going to focus on that today. But I really had a feeling that telling a little bit more about like the journey of Big Sky Women. And just how we’re helping entrepreneurs make big waves in their community.

So, what I feel like is we get to this place where we spend a lot of time pre-planning what we want in our journey. And then we set some goals and we review last year. And then, we get like bombarded with, I know somebody said it today, like confidence challenges, money mindset challenges and the reason that happens is because we start to have self-doubt that creeps in a lot.

So, I feel like one of the reasons we started this group was so that women had a place to come together and really have a space where we had some tools and resources for you. Just a place to be women entrepreneurs. Sit at the same table, have the conversations, up-level together.

And the reality is that most of us in the VIP are up-leveling. So, I feel like we’re kind of coming onto a new horizon in Big Sky Women. Where its like, Big Sky Women 2.0. and I don’t know if anybody in the VIP is on here. I don’t know if you are feeling that as well. But I felt like today I was going to focus on money mindset. But I felt like, just in my own journey now, as we’re going to a new year, a new decade, a new quarter, a new time for us to make new opportunities, I thought I would talk a little bit about my own personal journey. And maybe just share with you some things that are going on with us. Some things we’re focusing on and why we’re focusing on those things. And why it’s so important to this path.

So, one of the things I wanted to start with was just how taking initiative in your own path is so important. Because we all have these roles where we are supposed to do things, right? As a mother. As a wife. You know? As a business owner. As a just a person. And I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in the things that we’re supposed to do. That we don’t really take the time to dream and decide like what is that big vision that we desire? And so, I would just really encourage all of you to decide like where does your passion actually lie?

Because that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. like, is this journey, this membership journey and the people I’m impacting, are these the people I want to serve? And just trying to just get more clear on how I can have the biggest impact that I want to have.

So, taking initiative in your own life is one of the things where I feel like people need a little support. Because there are these things that we are supposed to do. So, kind of going against the grain a little bit and really deciding, am I willing to do the work? Like, am I willing to work late hours and early mornings and give up some things so that you can get to the end goal? So, you can do the things that you want. And so, I really would just encourage you to take note of that. I feel like that’s why we spend so much time on money mindset is because I mean not just money mindset, mindset in general that word comes up all the time. And the reason we spend so much time there is because there is some junk there for us, right? There’s some stuff that we need to work on. And so, I think what you’ll find is that when a new year comes, or there’s this new opportunity to create whatever you desire, we all start to have a little bit of fear, right? Like, am I going to be able to do it? what kind of person do I need to be to lead people? What do I need to do to get to the goal?

So, it gets a little scary, right? Like, there’s a lot of fear there. So, I would just really encourage you to really focus on, for this season, what is it that you want to accomplish? And what I see people doing is like, they hang back. So, they stay small. And I can be guilty of this, too. Like, sort of being okay with the status quo. And that’s okay for some people. But I think the reason you’re here or the reason that you maybe follow this page is because you desire to do something more, right? So, that is what I believe that the Big Sky Women does for you, is it gives you this opportunity to dream bigger, to think bigger. And I feel like the tools to do that. So, if you have any questions for me, as I’m talking about this, I would love to hear more from you. 

So, if you have any questions about what I’m talking about, I’m literally going to talk about to break it down, 5 steps to building a business you love. Based on all of the experience that I’ve had so far. Which I feel like is a lot. And just how to enjoy this season of time where things are a little bit murky in January. You know, the first quarter, we come out kind of like guns blazing. November, December, getting ourselves set up. And then there can be a lot of fear that comes up. And I’m right there with you. It’s like no matter how long you do it, you have to battle some of that. and we make the mistake sometimes of staying held back in that space. And so, I feel like one of the ways to kind of stop that is to focus on your big dream and vision.

Like, when I started this, its almost been two years now, one of the main, one of the first giveaways, or freebies that we gave away was Your Successful Life Workbook. And one of the biggest questions that we asked our audience was dream big. What kind of business would you want to build? Or what kind of life would you want for yourself? Like, really getting so clear on that. and I think we kind of lose that as we start to move forward through the years. So, I would really challenge all of you as we’re in this season to go back to that. like what is the reason that you started it? and what is it that you actually wanted? And have you made the right moves to get there?

So, we hear this a lot. It’s the big why. Right? Like why are we even building this? Or like what keeps us going every day. And I would say now, after helping so many people, it usually is people want more freedom. People want more money. I mean, that really is usually what people desire. And so, I don’t know about you, but I think one of the things we have to be real about is, are we creating the life that gives us the things that we want? Like, are we empowering ourselves? Are we empowering others? And on bad days, I think in this weird season of January I think we have bad days because we aren’t clear on how we’re going to get there. And we get overwhelmed with the process of what do you do next? And how do I get the people to hear me? This is a noisy space that we have. So, we have to create the habits that allow us to get to the big dreams.

And so, my goal is to really just talk about how personally I’ve been able to create something I really love. I love all the people I get to help. I love the person I have to be to run something like that. like, even on the hard days, I have to look at all the accomplishments and say I’m still moving forward. So, I would just encourage all of you to do the same. I think that is something that is really hard is celebrating. Even though you’re not at the end goal, you’re still further ahead than you were maybe last year or last quarter. Or even two years ago, right?

I mean, there are days. I have bad days. Where I feel like quitting. I am like what was I even thinking? Right? I think we have those times. If you think about the hard things that we do, like getting through school. Marriage is hard. Friendships are hard. Relationships are hard. Right? Like, it doesn’t have to be really hard. We just have to grow ourselves, so we are able to handle the hard things.

So, my second point was, I wanted to talk a little bit about the “why”. Because if you don’t have clarity there, I feel like its really hard to get through those hard days. So, one of my whys is like, I want to have a life where I can have some freedom and travel and hang out with my family. And not kind of be a slave to my job is why I love to be an entrepreneur. And I love empowering other people. And watching people win. And I think its something that’s unique in this space, that you actually have someone that desires for other people to win. And really wants them to go to the next level with them. And I think that is one of the most empowering things about Big Sky Women, is that we’re not just like your regular community meetup networking group. Like, we have each other’s back. And so, that’s something I’m really proud of. Was my why when I started. Was to be different in that way. And to create the environment that’s different. So, it’s fun to watch it come to life. But, it’s not without challenge, right? There are people that, fun-haters, for lack of a better word. And there are really hard things about technology that I don’t love. And I have to face some of my own issues when it comes to like building a team.

I don’t know. its been such a crazy journey. And I have loved every minute of it. But I want to be just so clear that it is not for the faint of heart. Right? One of the reasons we have a community like Big Sky Women, to help and support you, is because you can find a lot of support out there. But in the wrong places. And you can get taken advantage of sometimes. And maybe you can get your business to 5 figure months but getting to 6 or 7 is really hard. And so, I feel like one of the biggest pieces you can gain from joining a community like Big Sky Women is just really learning how to value your time. And having people help you that create habits to have a life that you win at. That you are productive and efficient. And there’s really, you’re always growing yourself. So that you can lead people. And that there’s that support. That we have each other’s back. And we support each other’s businesses. And its something so fun to watch unfold when you’re kind of leading the mission. But still stuck in the murkiness of it. we still have done a lot of things right.

Does anyone have any questions for me on that? or like why I felt like this was important to share, or just even questions about confidence or money mindset? Or how do you sell? Or something specific to your business? I would love for you guys to interact.

The live every week is supposed to be Q & A. but, I got to get a lot more questions. The question I get almost every week is how do you balance your time. And I feel like, you just have to…. balancing your time is like building a muscle. Like, you always have to be working on it. and if you just say, I’m going to time block, or I’m going to buy a pretty planner, and then you don’t put any action around it, I feel like to have some serious growth in that area, and to be productive, as productive as you can, you really have to understand the value of structural tension. Because when we implement structure, the freedom comes. And I resist it probably harder than anyone I know. and so, but what I know is what moves my business forward is being consistent.

And that brings me to my third point that I wanted to make today. So, the first one, if you are just joining us was really just getting clear on your why. So, its so important for your business and getting through the hard times. And then, really honing in on your audience was the next. Oh, I’m sorry, no. that isn’t the next one.

The next one is being consistent with branding and timing. So, most of us come to this space and we’re like, we want to make a big impact. We want to help people. And that is all great. But, if all we do is help people and we don’t get paid for it, or we don’t create time for it…

One of the things I would like you to do is really start to value your time. Like, our time is our…if we can value our time as much as we value money, then the equation becomes really simple to me.  Only certain things, in the season of growth you might be in right now, only certain things get your time. There’s some serious productivity that happens when you put it on the calendar.

And I would love to give you an example of that. I always say, plan for the business you want, not the business you have. And the same goes for your life. plan for the life you want, not the life you have. And so, one of the things to think about is, if you want 20 clients you better blocking your calendar for those 20 clients. And then, what you spend your time doing during the time you don’t have the clients is work on creating those relationships, so you have those clients. And if you just kept the formula that simple, that would bring you everything that you wanted.

But then, all the stuff comes in, right? Like we have to take care of our families. We have to make sure we have enough money to feed everyone. And we have to take care of our bodies, right? There are so many pieces to being a woman. So, I feel like it gets murky. I’ve said that word a lot today. It gets stressful. People get overwhelmed. Anxiety moves in.

Michaela says I’m in a massive season of hustle right now. I spent the day on connecting but was still able to care for my baby while he’s…. I can never see those while I’m on the phone. So, I don’t know exactly what you said, but thank you for commenting.

If anybody has any questions, specifically about their own business, or anything I’m chatting about today. I would love to answer those.

Let’s get back to it. Consistency. Consistency on your calendar. Planning for the life you want, not the life you have. And really, lets be real. Our time is our most valuable asset. So, you have to give up some things or make some sacrifices in order to get to the end goal.

So, what is that going to be? For me, if I know my core values, I know that these are my top three things in the season that I’m in. and so, those are done first, always. So, I don’t do anything else on my calendar until my three top value things are done. And I just think that’s something that if you could just take that away from today, your life would change.

So, your top three core values, figure out what they are. Plan them on your calendar. Be consistent, right? I think the consistency piece is the piece where people really struggle. Because on our hard days, when we don’t really feel like it, our brain goes crazy, right? A little bit. Where it’s like, I want to quit. I don’t know why I’m doing this. Nobody likes me. You know how we talk to ourselves, right? That’s why our why has to be so strong that when the hard things happen, the core value stuff still gets done. Your productivity is always there because you’re going to do it no matter what.

I had a really bad day today, right? I didn’t feel like getting on this live. I really didn’t feel like talking about money mindset. So, I was like, I’m just going to talk about why I do this. Or why Big Sky Women. Or what I feel like are the top 5 things that if you wanted to wrap it up like a present and put a pretty bow on it, like what are the most important things?

Consistency, branding, and timing all go together. Covet your time. Figure out your core values. If you don’t have…I feel like if you struggle with these things, that’s why we created this space. And I think we all do. Like, if you are looking for a way to up-level your life in 2020, I think joining Big Sky Women. We have a lot of really cool…I even see a lot of you on. I feel like I’m done playing small with Big Sky Women. I feel like we’re up-leveling. We’re adding people and experts and things that will be mind-blowing. And not just surface level. So, I’m hoping that we have more people join us as we still do have our 30-day trial. And I’ll have Tracey post it. Check it out for 30 days. See if you like the people. I know for sure what I can attest to is that I’m a better person for all the people in Big Sky Women. And all the people that are in my VIP. And so, I know that the same would be true for you as well.

That’s number 3. So, lets recap. Your “why”. Consistent branding and timing. I think one of the biggest pieces and this piece is social media. But there is some marketing that goes on in relationship building that’s not just online. And so, I think there’s kind of a sweet spot there in the people that do that, right? Like, they put the relationships building at the top, is the thing. I think when you get really busy, it becomes really difficult. Where you feel a little resistance against your business is when people aren’t at the top of your priority list.

Sheena says, how often do you find yourself adjusting your client avatar? Yeah…all the time. Because I feel like when we’re doing a really good job asking our audience and survey. Here’s a struggle I see people make is they decide on their avatar. And then, when they are finding they are attracting other people, they don’t shift. Right? They are like, no, I decided I was only going to speak to only, I can’t think of one right now…women who are attorneys. And that struggle with money, right? And then, when they start gravitating and having people come into their business that aren’t those people, they are like, oh wait, I’m doing something wrong. So, like they kind of throw the whole thing out the window without actually continuing on what they were doing to see if like, maybe my avatar was wrong. Maybe I do need to shift. Maybe the words that I’m speaking to someone are speaking to someone else. And I think that’s okay.

I think we’ve switched several times in Big Sky Women. I feel like I’m ready for a switch now. I feel like we have been in this space long enough and have uncovered the people that we really desire to connect with. And I think that you can’t be afraid to have people leave, either. Like, that’s one of the biggest pieces when you’re talking about your client avatar. If you’re not connecting with the people, its either your messaging is off, or they are just not your people. And being okay with that, too. Or they don’t see your value. Or they don’t see the value of the group. It’s like, oh, okay. Well, I’m going to find the people that do.

Thank you, Nikki, you’re always so supportive. I love that.

Cary, I believe, Shawn and Cary, I’m newer to my community. Any ideas on how to create trust and credibility when you’re that new person in town?

Well, I don’t know. I think that’s a really hard question to answer. Because I think being yourself is always a good idea, right? Like just being as real and authentic as you can. And then, maybe going the extra mile, like setting up some time to connect with people. Because remember, people are never a waste of time. There are a lot of things that are a waste of time. But people never are. So, maybe your focus right now is just going and making connections with people. To see, where you fit. Maybe there’s this group that you really fit well with. Or maybe these people you don’t fit that well with. Or they don’t…they aren’t your people, per se. It is hard being in a new town. So, I feel bad for you there. But I feel like if you focus on, you know we’re all in the people business. So, no matter what you sell or do or create, that putting that as one of your top core values, I think will really help you. I hope that answered your question.

Sheena says I love being part of the Big Sky Women VIP.  So much value and connection. Thank you so much, Sheena. We love having you there as well.

So, it’s getting long. My next one is just making sure you’re…I feel like Cary’s question about being new in a new town and creating trust and stuff is a good one. Because in-person marketing, I feel like, is…if you go the extra mile, if you make the next connection and you’re tracking it and you’re doing that right, you’ll stand out. Because not a lot of people are doing that.

Thank you so much.

Okay, so the next one is social media. It’s a big animal to tackle. And I feel like I’ve learned from a lot of people different things. But, just know that consistency is the most important thing. and not trying to do all the things at once. So, just making sure your consistent at one thing before you move to something else. I think that’s something that’s a really good tip to take with you. you see the big people, right? They are doing everything right on Instagram and they are doing everything right on Facebook. And they are doing everything right on LinkedIn. And the reality is you can only get really good at one thing at a time. And so, I think if you can kind of take that to heart and use that for social media. And just making sure your consistency in the voice and the look. I know that’s something that Jen does for Big Sky Women is just making sure you’re always trying to be on brand.

Think about that. I know that we’ve done it. we’ve followed people and they are really consistent with their branding and stuff. And then, they switch. And you’re like wait a minute, wait a minute. This isn’t what I expect. Because our brains like expect them to be consistent, right?

So, one of my best tips for consistency on social media is to not do social media only when you feel like it. There has to be a system for you to follow. Otherwise it won’t be done enough. I still struggle with it. So, if I was being real and authentic. My team’s probably laughing that that’s even my best tip. But, decide where your people are and get really good at that one before you move to something else.

And then, okay, so number one was finding your why and just making sure you know it. Number two was just making sure you’re consistent with your branding and your timing. And really, I talked a lot there about your time management skills. How to overcome some of that and balance. And then, the next one was social media. And then, the other piece that I feel like is really important is, we talked about it a little bit. And it was honing in on your audience. Right? So, you want to find out what they want. And some of you, and someone asked how can I get past increasing my pricing for artwork? Oh, I would love to talk about pricing. I think one of the best tips I’ve ever been given that I carry with me is like, when you’re pricing, think about how much money you need and what value and hours you would put into the piece. Piece or creation, whatever it is. And then, how many people you could actually work with the way that you wanted. And then, price that way, right? Rather than, I think its good to be like oh am I within the industry average and all of that. but people pay for things that they value is the realistic thing there. So, I would do that. That’s how I would go and be like, okay, how much time is this actually taking me? And how much do I think I’m worth per hour? And then ask me, because I’ll help you with that, Jodi.

The next one, okay, so we’re talking about honing in on your own audience. And thinking more about who is actually going to be buying your product and services. Or the things you create. And how much can they spend on that? is it something that’s an extra? That’s going to get cut? Or is it something…to me, artwork is like a, not only for people that have money, but everybody needs it, right? But at what level. So, that’s why you have to go, how much time did I put into it. and how many of these can I do realistically, and then price it that way. So, I hope that’s helpful.

Then, the other thing is, I think we undervalue people sometimes. Because the reality is, when our money mindset isn’t quite right, we’ll undervalue what they’ll pay, right? So, we try to fit in with their guidelines. Rather than fitting in with what we should actually get paid. Right?

I feel like there’s kind of a shift, too, when you think about checking in with your audience like a survey is really good. you want to make sure you’re always solving a problem that they actually have. And not just solving a problem that you think they have. Right? So, create like a client avatar. Speak to them and then ask them, are you serving them? I feel like we way over complicate things in this space. Its like, be an expert. Then you have to be one, right? You have to have done the work and you have to be….like I say, I wouldn’t even say I’m an expert yet. But I feel like I’ve done a ton of mindset work. But I still don’t feel like I have all the answers, right? But I would still call myself an expert. Because I’m like 20 steps of someone that’s just getting started. Or someone who just needs to uplevel. And so, getting your mind wrapped around that, too.

And so, what we’re talking about today is really anything you want. I would love to have questions. There’s been quite a few. Thank you so much for the people that have interacted with me today. I was going to talk about money mindset, but I just really felt like talking about 5 steps to building a business you love. Because I feel like we’re in this time where we are feeling, the energy maybe is a little bit like, I don’t even know. I’m using the word murky. But, I think it’s a little bit stressful and overwhelming to start all over again. And what kind of up-leveling do I need to do now? And how do I need to grow me? And you kind of feel some pressure. I don’t know about that. so, I wanted to give you some tangible tips today that I felt like you could take with you and really think about them for your own business. So, give yourself a little pat on the back for the things you’ve accomplished well. And the things that I just see over and over that people struggle with, myself included, I’m still working some of this out.

So, lets recap. Because there are a few people. We want to be consistent in our marketing. If its in person or on social media. We want to make sure our time management is good. those systems are in place. And we are coveting our time. Like the value that it should have. Right? We want to get consistent on social media. Because it’s one of the biggest pieces of our business. And really not trying to be on all the social media channels. We want to hone in on the one that we’re really good at. And where our audience is.

And then, my very last one, and this is the one that I feel like is holding people back the most, is taking yourself seriously. We talked a little bit about pricing. And you want to reflect the professional that you are in your pricing, in your presence. The number one reason that I see that people fail is that you don’t take yourself seriously. Right? If you don’t take yourself seriously and you’re trying to speak to people, then they don’t take you seriously, either. Right? And I think we need to choose prices because we’re talking a little bit about that, that reflects your experience in the….like, one of the exercises that I have people do is thinking about how much time you’ve had to put into yourself to grow you to this level. Like, if you really thought about that and you put a number value in that, you would definitely raise your prices, right?

And the thing is, you’re a professional at something, right? You’re just two steps ahead of somebody at something. So, really, thinking about that, right? And they know what they are buying into. Like, I’m super honest that if you want to get to 6 figures, I can help you. and if you want to get to 7, I’m going to be struggling with you along the way trying to figure things out. my hope someday is that’s not the case. Like, we’re all trying to improve. And one thing that I know that always improves me is learning and growing from all my experiences. If it’s a relationship that failed, or someone didn’t believe or maybe a course I bought. And I didn’t get the value that I wanted, I still had…there was still action there, and I still moved in a direction. It maybe isn’t always the direction that you want, right? But it definitely might have been the direction that you needed. So, thinking about it that way, too.

So those are 5 things, 5 kick-starters for how you can grow your business in 2020. And stop focusing so much on the end goal, right? The vision. We spent a lot of time there in November and December. And focus more on how you can grow you so you can grow a crazy successful business. And I see lots of people here that have done that or who are continuing to do that. and so, if you have any questions or tips for me or them, we would love to hear them in the chat. If you are catching this on the replay, we’d love to drop a replay in the chat and ask any questions for the next week.

And we’re gearing up, one of the reasons I picked this topic today is because even though in the VIP we are going to be working on money mindset, abundance mindset and then, really deep diving into that topic over the next quarter. Is that, I wanted to step back and work on confidence a little bit. I feel like in this free group, we should have a confidence challenge. So, we have that coming up for you in the middle of February. So, I just wanted to let you know that that’s coming. And it’s going to be for 14 days. So, if you lack the confidence to promote yourself like an expert or to go after your dreams, or to even just have a hard conversation with somebody, you’re in the right place. Because this is a great space. And a really great start to getting all the things you want in 2020. And we still have 30 days free for the VIP. So, if this was great information, and you feel like a connection to me or anyone else that’s building a business and you want to learn more and you want to grow you, the VIP is a great place to start.

So, thank you so much, everyone, for being on with me today. And I look forward to next week.

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