Building a business can be lonely. Especially if you are a woman as women NEED connection. Harvard Business Review shared that men and women need different kinds of networks to succeed. You can read that article here

Below are 5 reasons you should join a networking group.

  1. Expand your knowledge. Most networking or membership groups have materials to help you build and grow your business. The tools they offer are only a small part of this. You also learn from others in the group who have already been there….done that.
  2. Inspiration. Who doesn’t need inspiration some days? A networking group that fits you and your goals will be there for you to inspire and support you! Daily, weekly, however often you need it! (Sometimes HOURLY!)
  3. Widen your friend circle. Your ideal audience/clients/customers need to know, like and trust you. A group like this can help you to touch more people. It will allow you to get your product, service etc in front of even MORE people because of it. 
  4. Business advice. In networking groups, there are usually every range of entrepreneur you can imagine. From start up to seasoned, successful business person. These people are all there for you to  help you gain clarity on your goals and next steps.
  5. Personal development. By growing your business, you are also growing you. You will gain confidence and clarity just by having the support the group offers.

What is your favorite part about networking?  Do you have a networking group you love? Are you looking for one? 

Right now, Big Sky Women is accepting members to join OUR women’s group. If you haven’t checked us out yet, you should… And if you have any questions, please email Our team is here to help YOU succeed!